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Year 2500: humanity struggles with chaos, evil spreads everywhere and even the course of seasons is completely deranged; science has made important steps and new innovations have revolutionized the life of human beings, but the world is in the hands of a dictator who owns a terrible weapon able to destroy the whole mankind in little less than a minute; ONU demonstrates by this time to be incapable to grant peace and numerous wars bathe in blood Africa and Middle East. One day, one of the scientists who work for the dictator makes a dreadful discovery: at the centre of the Earth, where he as succeeded in penetrating with his team on board of a special shuttle, there’s a big fire that emits shining sparks assuming the form of sniggering and sulphur-stinking devils. Suddenly, a thundering voice, which makes the shuttle tremble, announces that the giant fire is Apoliom, god of evil, and that the human wickedness is feeding its flame more and more, till when the Earth will be phagocytized and the human beings will perish, suffocated by sulphur. The shining sparks are hosheks, his faithful servants, that have the task to instigate man to evil. Unexpectedly, Apoliom emits a burst of flame that shrouds the shuttle and reduces it to a heap of cinders. The researches of the scientist will be vane, and nobody will ever know of the terrible monster that burns in the bowels of the Earth. And if Earth were really on the point to be completely destroyed? In the meanwhile, in a well-off family of a rich American city, a baby with white and rosy complexion has just born. His birth is accompanied by an inexplicable solar eclipse; the little boy will be named Therion and his mother is convinced that one day he will be a mighty man. In the middle of a night, a hoshek, sent by Apoliom, takes possession of Therion’s mind: the next day, while being breast-fed, the child hurts badly his mother’s nipple and after some days he destroys all his toys shouting like a madman. The mother, frightened, addresses to a religious who lives underground, since religion is already decayed and unpopular with the authorities; the man has no doubt: wile two thousand before, Christ had come on Earth to save mankind, now Therion has come to make evil triumph on Earth.
Therion is 25; he is a fascinating boy, gifted with great intelligence and mysterious faculties. One night, in one of those pubs suspended on air, reachable by flying cars, he meets a girl and invites her for a drink; using his ability of reading the thoughts, he discovers that she is the dictator’s daughter, he seduces her and succeeds in making her invite him in his father’s house for a party to which all the masters of the Earth will take part. Taking advantage of the joyful atmosphere, Therion escapes the control of the guards, gets into the room where there’s the case with the computer that activates the devices of the super bomb, thanks to which the dictator exercise his control all over the world, and seizes it: now Therion’s path towards absolute power is unstoppable. While televisions broadcast the images of Terion marrying the dictator’s daughter in the city called Forteza, inhabited bi Amnis, the people of God, who Therion has reduced to slavery since from this people the Saviour of mankind was born, Abdi, a man of forty, descendant of a family of Amnis, and his wife Batsy, commentate with dismay the incredible ascension of Therion to the power After a while, Abdi goes to the library an casually opens a book and reads some paragraphs in which a disastrous battle on Earth is described. Around midnight, Abdi, plunged in reading, is caught by a strange feeling, as if somebody at his shoulder were following him; suddenly, all becomes dark and immediately after, a blinding lightning illuminates the room floodlit. Batsy has disappeared and at the phone their daughter Taines tries desperately to advise her father that somebody has kidnapped her child; televisions broadcast scenes of panic, some mysterious disappearances are causing airplane accidents and everywhere in the world disasters happens. Something horrific and mysterious is happening… and if were it all work of wicked Apoliom, who is going to accomplish his evil scheme of definitely subduing human beings? Abdi, taken by discouragement, suddenly hears a voice calling him: behind him, a gigantic figure with a terrifying aspect, takes him away from planet Earth, as far as a place full of light, inhabited by strange beings, leading him to the presence of a men sitting on a trunk, surrounded by some elderly men. He has a big book in his hands. A man with a kind and good aspect approaches Abdi and announces him that he is in the presence of the Great Admiral and that the book is closed at the edges by seven Seals that, one by one, will be loosened and will consent the complete reading of the great testament of universal heritage. Announced by the blare of trumpets, the loosening of the first seal will determine de definite conquest of the power by Therion, who will make the persecution to Amnis, the elect people, even crueller. With the loosening of the second seal, a red knight goes towards the Earth with the task of causing a new world war and Abdi suddenly finds himself in a place where the collapse of economy has reduced the population to starvation, compelling them to swap anything for a piece of bread. Abdi’s companion says him that the third seal has already been opened and will cause exhaustion of victuals on Earth. One by one, the other seals are opened: wild beasts invade the towns and devours a quarter of population, and an infinite series of ecological disasters definitely upsets the planet, shrouded by a great darkness. In the meanwhile Abdi, miraculously survived the cataclysms, sets out among debris and corpses and assists to harrowing scenes: a woman, trying to save her little boy buried under the rubbles, takes him an arm off, the army faithful to Therion is disoriented and all people wait that the Earth, at any moment, will be disintegrated. In his big palace situated on the top of the mountain which dominates the city of Forteza, Therion watches on big screens the images of destructions everywhere on Earth and sends messages of help to great Apoliom, who stirs up a great multitude of hosheks, ready to face the coming on Earth of Gran Rei, son of the Great Admiral. After the loosening of the last seal, that causes an atmosphere of great terror on Earth, the Great Admiral opens the book of Universal Judgement: a strong wind begins to blow on Earth and a third of the planet is destroyed by a heavy and thick hailstorm; suddenly a swarm of voracious locusts devours anything they encounter on their way and in the end a lightning sets on fire to Therion’s abode. Therion miraculously survives but sees in front of him his beautiful wife and their baby dying in the fire destroying everything. Taken by fury he sets his hosheks army on exterminating the poor Amnis, already tried by the terrible plagues that follows one upon the other without truce; a thick army has already gathered near the fortress, ready to fight against the Gran Rei, who arrives on a big white horse with his retinue; a great light tears the sky, and nothing Therion’s army can do, their weapons being useless to face Gran Rei’s invasion.. At that sight, men begins to acclaim him ant the evil forces retreat, powerless in front of him. In a desperate defiance act, Therion runs up to him trying to wound him with sharp sword, but he dies in the duel. Abdi assists unbelieving to the upsetting event and among the crowd hastened to honour the winner, he discerns people he believed to be definitely disappeared and goes towards a woman he mistakes for Batsy. Actually, where is his wife? Maybe she was Apoliom’s hostage, or perhaps dead. Even the master that has accompanied him in his trip has disappeared. Earth finds a little peace, begins again to revolve round the Sun and the seasons resume their natural course. Gran Rei establishes a kingdom of peace and the human beings survived to Apocalypse dedicate themselves to reconstruction of their towns. In the meanwhile, Abdi wanders in the city of Forteza looking for Batsy, without success, and downcast goes back to his town, but he finds his house empty. Inexplicably it happens that temperature on Earth becomes very hot and a great drought hits the planet; populations are at the end of their strengths, but Abdi’s doubts are dissolved by the apparition of the master who announces him the final battle between Gran Rei and Apoliom. Actually, the big fire burning at the centre of the Earth is reaching its surface and once again Abdi will be witness of extraordinary things that are going to happen; with his faithful companion he makes a trip to hells, where he knows Death, who is executed with Gran Rei’s sharp and bright sword. Together with the cortege that accompanies him, Abdi goes back to the abode of Great Admiral, who is preparing for the final battle against Apoliom: how will it be possible to destroy the big fire? Will all the water of the oceans be enough for extinguish the flames of evil that licks the people of the just? Great Admiral, laughing with amusement at the doubts arising from the assembly, orders to all oceans to extinguish the fire, until when it is enchained, in the form of a Dragon, and hurled in a profound pit, where it will remain for eternity. Abdi, who has assisted to the scene of the final fight between good and evil forces, is terribly sweaty for the incredible heath given off by Apoliom; taken by convulsions, tosses around shouting Batsy’s name, and she runs towards him and finds him sleeping on a book: stunned, he finds himself in the library of his house with the book of Apocalypse open. He embraces his Batsy and he realizes that it has been just a dream, maybe revealing!! Note: this subject is copyrighted.

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